There have recently been some changes to the Sands financial model which means that it is now less easy to donate to individual groups.

Any money donated to North and East London Sands  via JustGiving or other online platforms now goes straight to Head office (previously, we got the donation and Sands UK got the Gift Aid.)

This is only avoidable if there is a specific North and East London Sands project, agreed in advance with Head office, for which the particular Just Giving fund-raising is being organised.

If you or your  relatives/friends/colleagues prefer to give through Just Giving or other online platform, of course that’s fine – Sands UK undertake important research and also support a number of  local groups throughout the UK – it’s just that the money will not come to North and East London Sands and it won’t go to support a  North and East London Sands project.

Alternatively, we can accept donations directly (via bank transfer or a cheque) . Our bank details are below:

Sands North East London, Account number: 20190628, Bank sort code: 608301.