Who are we?

We are a local group of national SANDS, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. All of us have received training on supporting those affected by the death of a baby.

However, we are not professional counsellors. We are all bereaved parents – we understand what it’s like because all of us have been through the experience of losing a baby.

The death of a baby is devastating. As a parent, you can feel isolated, disorientated, angry, and exhausted – sometimes all at once. It can be hard to take in information, make decisions or imagine how you’re going to cope.  No matter what you are feeling, there is probably someone here who has felt it too, and through sharing experiences, we can help each other.

What do we do?

We primarily serve Hackney, Islington, Camden, Haringey, Enfield, Tower Hamlets, and Newham. However, anyone in any North or East London borough is welcome to attend any of our groups, but do check the main Sands website to see if there might be another group closer to you which you might prefer.

The death of a baby affects more than just the parents. We’re here for other family members, especially for grandparents and surviving children, and for friends.

We also work with local healthcare professionals and organisations to improve the care given to bereaved parents.

If you are a professional and would like to book training in bereavement care, please send us an email at northeastlondon@sands.org

Who can come to our groups?

Our groups are for anyone affected by the death of a baby. You are welcome:

·       Whether your loss was last week or thirty years ago.

·       Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, an uncle …

·       Whether you are single or part of a heterosexual or same-sex couple

·       Whether you are sad, angry, scared, confused, or anything else

·       Whether you want to come every time or just once to see what it’s like

·       Whether your baby died before, during, or after birth.

We are here for you. Whatever is said in our groups is confidential, and nobody will judge you.

Please be aware that there may be children present at our daytime group.

Specialist support:

The national office of SANDS has a variety of leaflets available to download for free from their shop, which might also help you. Whether you’re deciding on a post-mortem, want something especially for fathers, or need your employer to know what’s going on, they have information that can help you here: http://portal.uk-sands.org/public/shop/default.aspx

Finally if you are interested in becoming a befriender, please get in touch.

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